FS Windows 7 Super Office Edition 2015 x64-=TEAM OS=-

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    Name :- Widnows Super Office Edition 2015
    Architect :- 64bit
    Language :- English
    Based on:- Winodws 7 Ultimate
    Totally based :- this Prodict is totally made for office and highly home users with more Performance there is nothing to useless in this ISO
    Updates :- added all latest updates of Windows and Office 2013 updates too
    Size :- 11.8gb
    Authur :- TEAM OS
    Activation :- you can use Geniune key From Microsoft or you can use Daz loader

    Recommended System Requirement :-
    HDD Space :- 45-50gb free Space
    RAM :- 4gb minimum

    Featured in windows 7
    New and hot updates of Microsoft office till April
    Note :- you can update this ISO or office every month
    Direct X 11
    Skype for Business

    Pre-installed Software in Audit mode
    Office 2013
    Mozila firefox
    UC Browser
    Adobe Flash Player
    Adobe AIr
    Adobe reader
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.0.1
    Glary utility
    TeamViewer 10.0.40386
    Internet Download Manager 6.23 Build 11 Retail
    java jre-8u45-windows-i586
    winrar 5.21

    some Apps i forgot but you will see all when you use it

    Add 'Admin Tools' to Desktop context-menu
    Add 'All Tasks' to Desktop context-menu
    Add 'Copy To Folder' to context-menu
    Add 'Defragment' to Desktop context-menu
    Add 'Manage' to Desktop context-menu
    Add 'Move To Folder' to context-menu
    Add 'Open CMD here' to Folder Context-menu
    Add 'Task Manager' to desktop context-menu
    Add 'Unpack' to *.msi context menu
    Add 'Register' and 'Unregister' to *.dll, *.ocx and *.ax Context Menu
    500ms Delay Aero Peek
    Desktop Icon Size::32 (Default)
    Show 'Computer' on Desktop
    Show 'Control Panel' on Desktop
    Show 'Network' on Desktop
    Show User Folder on Desktop
    Taskbar Buttons::Combine when taskbar is full
    Unlock the taskbar
    Allow 3rd Party Themes
    Always Show Icons, Never Thumbnails
    Always Show Menu Bars
    'Confirmation Dialog' on Delete::Show
    Control Panel View::Category
    Force Aero
    Increase Icon Cache
    Show All Icons on System Tray
    Speed Up Desktop
    Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files
    Change CMD Text Color::Green
    Enable DVD in Media Player
    Enable SSL and TLS
    Open NFO files with notepad
    Show Notepad Statusbar
    Word Wrap in Notepad
    Always Show Menu Bar
    Clear History on Exit
    Enable 'Caret' Browsing
    Enable Suggested Sites
    Enable Third Party Components
    Faster Browsing in IE
    IE Homepage::www.google.com
    Set Google as Search Provider
    Show IE Statusbar::Show Status Bar
    Turn On Clear Type
    Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads
    Always Unload DLLs
    Block Negative DNS Entries
    Increase RPC Packet Size
    Keep Positive DNS Entries
    Turn off system beeps
    Enable Legacy .NET Framework
    Compatibility Check
    Create Backups
    Debug Updates
    Enable CMD
    Failed Updates to Silent Installers
    Integrate 'HDC' Drivers (boot.wim)
    Integrate 'SCSIADAPTER' Drivers (boot.wim)
    Integrate 'SYSTEM' Drivers (boot.wim)
    Integrate 'USB' Drivers (boot.wim)
    Move Known Problem Updates to Silent Installers
    Prepare Drivers
    Prompt Addons
    Prompt Drivers
    Prompt Gadgets
    Prompt Silent
    Prompt Themes
    Prompt Updates
    Prompt Wallpapers
    Rebuild Image
    Remove Invalid Drivers
    Retry Updates
    Show Duplicates

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