FS Windows 10 Mac Ani Edition 2016

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    This edition is based on Windows 10 1511 Enterprise
    Pre Activated
    Updated December 2015

    My Story:
    I decided to make Mac Version cross Anime Edition thats why called Mac-Ani Edition. Ive changed the wallpapers to make it look like Anime style. Mac OS X Icon set into Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit.

    ISO Size:
    2.59GB (ESD Format)

    Components Removed:
    Tablet PC
    Anytime Upgrade
    On Screen Keyboard
    Screen Reader
    Screen Magnifier
    Welcome Center
    Windows Contacts
    Easy Transfer
    Windows Mail
    Control Panel - Pen and Touch
    Control Panel - Tablet PC
    All Keyboards exact English US
    All Languages exact English US
    Modern UI - All Bings
    Modern Ui - Office Hub
    Modern Ui - Zune
    Windows Media Center

    Add Shortcut to my PC Desktop
    Add User Documents Shortcut Desktop
    Add Control Panel Shortcut desktop
    Disable Thumbnails
    Automatic Reboot on BSOD
    Disable User Acount Control (UAC)
    Enable large system cache
    Improve disk checkout timeout (5 sec)
    Improve Shutdown Speed
    Improve Windows Shell Response
    Reduce launched delay for desktop startup apps
    Clean backup folder cleanup WinSXS
    Delete Uneeded Editions

    Mac OSX Imageres.dll File
    Change Setup Screen Image
    Change Setup Screen Windows Image
    Change Lockscreen Image
    Change Default Wallpaper
    Changed the Arrows Icons to RED Style
    Change Modern UI Colors and Background


    Credits animeware


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