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    [JadViE - Phụ Đề] The Lovers 2015 Web|HDRip
    Chuyện Tình Không Biên Giới 2015


    Unfolding across multiple centuries and continents, this breathtaking epic time travels to 18th century India and beyond to tell a sweeping saga of treachery, betrayal, and a love that defied all boundaries. Josh Hartnett stars as present-day marine archaeologist Jay Fennel who, following a diving accident while rescuing his wife, is left brain dead. In his comatose dream state, Fennel is transported to India circa 1778, where a young British captain (also played by Hartnett) embarks on a life-threatening mission and a steamy romance with a female warrior (Bollywood superstar Bipasha Basu).

    Tiến trình thực hiện: 100%
    Thời gian hoàn thành: 03.03.2015
    Thời gian chia sẻ: 05.03.2015

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